Long Term Care

at Ivy Court

Ivy Court offers complete care with a highly trained skilled nursing staff.

As with riding a bike up a hill, some daily chores can be more challenging. In our Rehab department, we will hold you up, just like when you took your first ride on a bicycle, and we won’t let go until you are ready to pedal on your own again. In our Long Term Care court, we know that sometimes you just need to take a break and rest, we understand that too and will be here for you.  We’re using a simple bicycle analogy to demonstrate everyday challenges you might have and how the support we provide is as comforting as when your parents were by your side for those new experiences.

If you prefer a private or semi-private room, you have choices. And more choices for respite or long term stays. You never feel alone or need for anything. A refreshing relief!

Services Available

(*services included in your monthly rent)

Deficiency Free Nursing Survey from Ohio Department of Health for Three Consecutive Years.

“Our Mission Is Taking Care Of You”

Floor Plans

Semi-Private Room

Sharing a space that offers a private full bathroom. These rooms are Medicare and Medicaid certified.

Private Room

Living room/bedroom area with full bathroom.

What's included in my montly rent?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What insurance coverage typically pays for Long Term Care (LTC)?

A: LTC can be private pay, Medicaid or supplemented with VA Aide and Attendance Benefits as well as individual LTC insurance plans. Please call Ivy Court to get additional information on what insurance we accept.  We are happy to review your benefits and explain the coverage you would receive.

Q: How often do you work with a patient for rehab?

A: Each patient is evaluated for their own individual care program. Depending on their progress and needs, we work with them daily to achieve new goals.

Q: Do you have rehab for short term stays?

A: Yes, Ivy Court does offer rehab for short term stays for as little as a few weeks to longer. We offer therapy 7 days a week with highly trained therapists.

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